Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Testing
Intensive, thorough testing of your home, targeting mold and other potentially harmful chemicals.
Mold Testing
We target mold where it originates from, finding the source of the growth, and helping you make sure it gets eliminated.
Volatile Organic Compounds
Many VOCs can be up to 10 times more concentrated indoors versus outdoors, so we take testing for them very seriously.
Air Sampling
Not only do active mold spores impact indoor air quality, but dead mold spores do as well. Mold can hide very effectively, our testing finds it all.
Swab Sampling
Our surface swab sampling testing takes samples from your household surfaces to find the amount of mold growth and spores that are deposited throughout your home.
Moisture Detection
Water causes mold growth, plain and simple. The type of water your home is exposed to can account for the type of harmful agents present. We test for it all.
Leak Detection
What starts as a leak can turn into the growth haven for mold spores. We inspect every fixture in your home to determine leak opportunities and how to mitigate them.
How Mold Can
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Things you need to know about mold and how it grows in your home.

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Recommended Humidity for Your Home
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